Body Temperature Scanner Camera with Stand included

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 Detect Fever without a Thermometer!

Infrared Body Temperature Detection System

 Easily screen employees, customers, and travelers with our Body Temperature Scanner Camera!

 Early reports from countries with fewer new infections show that tracking symptoms and access control slow the spread of the virus. This Facial recognition and temperature tracking camera can help stop the spread and flatten the curve.

Keep your employees and customers safe. This Temperature Tracking Camera can help manage the people accessing your business or location. Within a few milliseconds the camera recognizes a face and performs an infrared temperature scan. The camera is self sufficient, does not need constant human monitoring, and records 'pass/fail' results to internal software. As the world returns to normal after this viral outbreak use the Temperature Tracking Camera with your access control to feel confident about the health of your employees, on-site contractors, and customers.



  • Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, sees human face and performs high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition at the same time
  • Fast and highly effective 
  • Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) 80-113 (F) Accuracy ± 0.3 (F)
  • Automatically identify  personnel and provide real-time warning
  • Automatically register and record information
  • Support mid-range temperature measurement and real-time warning of high temperature 
  • Live detection
  • Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recognition time <500ms
  • Internet Interface
  • Weigand Port interface
  • Alarm Output
  • USB Port


    • Power consumption 20W(MAX)
    • Power input DC 12V/3A
    • Interface connections:
    • USB port 1USB port (Can be connected to ID identifier;
    • Alarm output 1 channel relay output
    • Weigand port Support input/output 26 and 34
    • Internet interface RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet
    • Temperature:
    • Range 86F- 113F
    • Response time:.5 seconds
    • Best distance: 1 1/2 feet
    • Accuracy .5 +or -
    • Camera:
    • Color Camera .01 LUX
    • 2Mega pixel 1920*1080
    • Color Camera .01 LUX
    • WDR
    • Camera: Support live detection
    • Face Recognition:
    • Height 1.2-2.2 M, angle adjustable
    • View angle Vertical ±30 degree
    • Support 22400 faces database and 100000 records
    • Distance 0.5-3 Meters

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